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  • Financial Modeling

    Pavan Anoop ‎ | ‎ 2/22/24

    Investing is a complex game of balancing risk and reward. In this entropy, many find that displaying investments using financial models gives assurance and provides a solid argument for why they should invest. This article will cover various financial models like the Discounted Cash Flow model, Three Statement model, and Comparable Company Analysis to give investors a look into the basics of financial modeling.

  • Importance of ESG

    Pavan Anoop ‎ | ‎ 1/3/24

    A company is not made by just its numbers. Corporate Governance structure and various environmental, and social factors can determine investor sentiment towards a company. Understanding these factors will allow to gain a more comprehensive picture of a company.

  • Breaking down the Income Statement

    Pavan Anoop ‎ | ‎ 12/24/23

    The income statement is an essential document to understand a company quantitatively. It allows an investor to understand a company's financial heath, growth potential and profability. This article will detail vocab and calculations, key trends, ratios and red flags shown on the income statement.

  • How to think like an investor

    Pavan Anoop ‎ | ‎ 12/26/23

    Investing not only depends on your knowledge but also your behavior. This article will give you an understand of common behavioral trends that cause investors to lose or gain money. Recognition of physiological pitfalls is the first step to avoiding them and becoming a successful investor.

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