The Investing Club is a club in which students can learn how to invest safely and efficiently. We focus on learning new topics, sharing information, and playing fun investing games. The club also strives to create a community where people can discuss investments and gain knowledge. This club welcomes experienced investors and beginners. No prior experience is needed, just a willingness to learn!
*Meet in room 770*

Why Investing?

Investing is an essential tool that allows you to make your money work for you. It allows you to exponentially grow your money so that you can beat inflation and build your wealth. But remember, with every reward comes risk.

What you will gain!

This club will cover various methods of investing while focusing on the stock market. Through fun activites, you will meet like-minded people interested in finance, share ideas and get introduced to various concepts.



We discus current events in the market and how different companies/sectors are reacting. This is a freeform discusion where members can express their thoughts.


Memebers debate on a chosen topic explaining why there idea is better. Members can refute other members and winner gets a prize!

Stock Simulator

In this activity, members trade fake money in the real market to practice different stragies and ideas. This game runs throughout the whole year and the winner gets a prize.

Many other games!

We will also play a variety of other fun games where members will have a chance to share and gain more knowledge through competitve and collborative games.


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