Invest like a pro with these tools!

  • Past Club Presentations

    This resource holds all of last years presentations shown during club meetings. There is lots of information targeted towards beginners and many fun investing games included.
    *Open through your NSD account to access this folder

  • Fair Value Calculator

    This spreedsheet allows you to estimate the intrinsic or true value of a stock. You must input estimated values for the boxes that ask for inputs. You can make accurate estimates by analyzing a companies fundementals. It is also helpful to make more conservitive estimates to assure success.

  • Investing Key Performance Indicators

    This spreadsheet displays all the key factors needed to fully analyze a company quantitatively. It goes over 5 categories: Growth, profitability, finanical health, efficency and valuation. Edit the boxes with a blue background. Note that you should still do qualitative analysis to fully understand a company.

  • Multiple Matrix Table

    This spreadsheet helps find the growth multiple for free cashflow. The y axis or row headers represent 10-year growth rates while the x-axis or column headers represent terminal growth rates. This model also includes various discount rates.